Callie Murray started Achor & Eden in 2008 and teamed up with her brother Aaron Chewning a year later (although they have been building forts and playing Power Rangers together since, you know, the 80s). Callie is a mom of three and a Navy wife, and she also runs The Big Fake Wedding. Aaron is a freelance media producer, and he is a graduate from Full Sail University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Film. Together, their favorite things include Hall & Oates, Daytona Beach, hibachi restaurants and dancing The Wobble. They are located in Georgia but will gladly travel! Callie and Aaron are also joined by Greta Reynolds, who assists with editing images and who is often booked as a second shooter when Callie is unavailable. You can read more about Greta and other photographers we work with here.

Curious about the name? Achor is Hebrew for trouble, and it was a valley in the book of Joshua that was the site of much hardship. Eden in Hebrew means perfect or delight, and was the site of God’s original creation and a place of total perfection. God used the Valley of Achor to become a good place, and Hosea refers to “the Valley of Achor for a door of hope”. And Eden, the perfect paradise, became the site of the fall of mankind. What a great representation of what we see throughout the Bible- God making old things new, making the broken whole, making sinners clean… and “perfection” being attainable through Christ alone.